Our Research

The Robotics and Mechatronics Lab mission is to conduct fundamental and methodological research that enables robotic systems to exhibit intelligent, goal-oriented behavior, and develop novel mechatronics devices to monitor and control systems. Applications span a range of social and national needs, including: autonomous mobile robots for search & rescue, security, environment monitoring, and defense; advanced medical devices and systems for surgery, rehabilitation, and elderly care and novel sensors, and actuators. Some of the ongoing research topics are summarized below:

Robotic and Mechatronic Systems - Design, Modeling, Simulation, Analysis, Integration
Mobile Robotics - Autonomous Navigation and Function
Mechanism and Machine Design, Analysis and Synthesis
Electromechanical Systems Design, Integration and Prototyping
Robotic Vision/Perception and Visual Servoing
Modular and Reconfigureable Mobile Robotics
Intelligent Autonomous Systems
Autonomous Symbiosis of Mobile Robotic Locomotion and Manipulation
Bioinspired & Biomimetic Robotic Locomotion and Manipulation
Continuum/Flexible Mechanisms and Structures
Sensing, Actuation and Measurement Modalities for Biomedical Applications
Haptics Interfaces and Devices for Robotics Applications
MEMS-based & Smart Materials-based Sensors & Actuators for Micro/Bio-Robotics
Microprocessor-based Distributed and Modular Control Systems
Medical Robotics and Rehabilitative Robotics
System Dynamics and Control
Computer Aided Design/Engineering CAD/CAE
Industrial Automation and Manufacturing Systems

Sample Research Projects