Open Positions

GRA positions are limited and dependent on project requirements. However, we are constantly looking for motivated, hard working individuals seeking to perform advanced robotics research and encourage you to apply during the Fall/Spring Admission cycles.

Required Qualifications

B.S. and M.S. in mechanical, electrical, computer engineering or computer science; a burning desire to conduct both theoretical and experimental work; highly self-motivated and persistent; strong critical and analytical thinking skills and very high attention to details.

Preferred Qualifications

peer-reviewed conference and journal publications; strong technical writing, strong communication and presentation skills; highly proficient in the following:

  1. Mechanical and electrical (mechatronics) system design, manufacturing and implementation/ prototyping
  2. Programming in Matlab/Simulink and/or C/C++ for data acquisition or real-time feedback control
  3. Experiments design, data collection, processing and analysis

Interested students should follow standard application procedures followed by Virginia Tech (Relevant links can be found below). In your application, indicate Dr. Pinhas Ben-Tzvi as one of your preferred faculty members as your potential advisor, and explicitly state in your supporting documents that you wish to join RML.

Note that RML is in the department of Mechanical engineering. However, Dr. Ben-Tzvi's appointment in both Mechanical Engineering and ECE departments allows him to advise students in both departments.

Useful Resources